On Church and the Proclamation of the Gospel

People began to assemble together because of Jesus!

Church—what comes to mind when you hear that word? Is it a building? A place of worship? When the “church” was birthed in Acts it wasn’t a building, a 501c3 organization, or a place people went. The church was then and still today people. For many, church has become a place you go. A place […]

We Need to be Praying for Trump Rather Than Constantly Criticizing Him

I think one of the mayjor problems with modern Christianity in America is our quick reaction to criticize someone rather than praying for them. Most Americans don’t know and will likely never personally meet President Trump, yet so many are quick to judge him solely because of what the media filers to our TVs, smart […]

Simply Devoted to Jesus

Stop overcomplicating the gospel and live simply for Jesus.

The gospel message isn’t complicated. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand. Anyone can hear it, understand it, and follow it regardless of their cultural or educational backgrounds. I want to live a life simply devoted to Jesus. We need to stop overcomplicating the gospel and live simply for Jesus. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians […]