Review: The CSB Apologetics Study Bible, Hardcover Edition

The CSB Apologetics Study Bible Review 

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The CSB Apologetics Study Bible helps today’s Christians better understand, defend, and proclaim their beliefs in an age of increasing moral and spiritual relativism. This revised and updated edition includes new articles and extensive apologetics study material from today’s leading apologists.

Features include:

  • Presentation page
  • Book Introductions
  • Study Notes
  • Apologetics articles from leading apologists
  • “Twisted Scripture” explanations for commonly misunderstood passages
  • Profiles of Christian apologists
  • Two-column text
  • 9.75-point type size
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • Ribbon marker
  • Full-color maps

Includes commentary from over 90 leading apologists, including: Ted Cabal, Lee Strobel, Chuck Colson, Paul Copan, Norm Geisler, Hank Hanegraaff, Josh McDowell, Albert Mohler, J.P. Moreland, Ravi Zacharias, and many more — plus a lead article by Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ).

The CSB Apologetics Study Bible features the highly reliable, highly readable text of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB), which stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning without sacrificing clarity. The CSB’s optimal blend of accuracy and readability makes Scripture more moving, more memorable, and more motivating to read and share with others.


My Thoughts:

First, I am a huge fan of the new CSB translation! This Bible is loaded with helpful articles and insight that will benefit the reader. The first Bible I purchased when I got saved was the HCSB paperback version of the Apologetics Study Bible.

What I love about this Bible and new translation is it’s great for students. As a youth pastor, this is a resource I will recommend to my students who want to dig a little deeper when it comes to learning to defend their faith!

Here are 10 things I love about this Bible and why I’ve rated it a 5 out of 5:

First, I’ve given it a 5 out of 5, because 1) the CSB is a great translation that’s solid and reliable and 2) the content of the Bible, in my opinion, is top notch.

Okay, here are ten things I love about The CSB Apologetics Study Bible: 

  1. The 9.75-point type size is easy on my eyes
  2. The Smyth-sewn binding is great for a hardback edition
  3. The book introductions are very detailed
  4. The study helps are easy to understand
  5. The size is perfect to slip in my backpack or carry around (though, I’d prefer an imitation leather over a hardback when carrying around).
  6. The trusted CSB translation used for this Bible
  7. The Twisted Scripture notes are very helpful. They show how some people use certain Scripture, twist it, and give it a different meaning that what God intended.
  8. The commentary is top-notch and written from trusted leaders, such as Lee Strobel.
  9. It also has colored maps that are helpful. I love some good maps in a Bible!
  10. For someone who may not have gone to Bible College or seminary, this Bible is a great tool to help them know the Scripture and be ready to defend their faith.

This list is not a detailed list. The CSB Apologetics Study Bible was given to me by the publisher for my honest feedback. These are my own thoughts and opinions of this Bible. This review is not a in depth, break down of The CSB Apologetics Study Bible. It’s only to highlight the features I find helpful. If asked, I would highly recommend this Bible!

– Aaron


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