When Your Faith Feels Stranded

Have you ever been stranded or stuck somewhere and there was nothing you could do but wait? What about your faith? Have you ever felt stranded or stuck in your faith while waiting on God?

Recently, I took my wife and a friend to the Orlando International Airport and my trip back to Okeechobee was quickly disrupted by a tiny piece of metal. One nail held me up for more than three hours at a gas station at a service plaza on the Florida turnpike.

I was stranded and unprepared to change a tire and wait for more than three hours for someone to come help me. I know what you might be thinking. Aaron, you’re a grown man…can’t you change a tire? Yes, I can, but changing a tire becomes difficult when your jack gets stuck under your car, won’t lower or go any higher to be able to remove the flat tire. So, like a good neighbor State Farm was there…. well three and a half hours later. But…the wait turned out to be a good thing.

Here’s why: The Lord gave me my message I’m to preach on November 29th at M2L Students and at c20 at Grace Bible Church in Sebring, Florida on December 5th! I had been praying for the Lord to put something on my heart to preach for both dates. And all it took was a flat tire an hour and a half away from home for me to finally sit still before the Lord, listen, and learn first-hand what God wanted me to speak on. I’m not going to go into depth on the topic (I don’t want to spoil what the Lord wants me to share), but I will say this: There’s much to gain when you learn to wait on God.

At first, I was annoyed and aggravated that my trip home was going to be delayed due to a nail in my tire. I called my wife and she said something that caught my attention. She told me to pray and spend time with Jesus. If I’m honest, my flesh didn’t want too. I wanted to get home. I wanted to eat my sandwich I just grabbed at Wendy’s moments before the nail deflated my plans.

Let me ask you question: How often are you unprepared to wait on God? I may have been stranded and unprepared to change a tire, but the truth was I was really stranded and unprepared to wait on God. Sometimes when we are stuck God wants us to wait. He got my attention! Those moments when your faith feels stuck, because you’ve been praying and praying and praying very well could be God challenging you to simply wait on Him. To trust Him even if the answer isn’t what you want. I wanted the Lord to give me a message to preach but if I’m honest I didn’t want it to come from a situation where I was personally inconvenienced. If we’re all honest we can all be pretty selfish, right?

We live a culture that doesn’t like to wait. Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter limit how much you can share in a single story or post. Our minds are trained to go through information fast and often. We are constantly going and going and never really take the time to just sit, reflect, and wait on God. Imagine if we waited on God more than checking our social media every thirty minutes or every few minutes when we’re praying? I’m a huge advocate for social media. I love it! I use it regularly, but I’ve learned there must be a healthy balance. God must come first. You must be willing to wait on God more than waiting to see what your friends are up too.

I opened this post with these questions: Have you ever been stranded or stuck somewhere and there was nothing you could do but wait? What about your faith? Have you ever felt stranded or stuck in your faith while waiting on God? I think we often feel stuck in our faith because we are unwilling to wait on God. Maybe your faith feels like it’s plateaued because of your unwillingness to be still and wait. The Bible says Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith (see Hebrews 12:2). I’m pretty sure He’s more than capable of not only reviving your faith but strengthening your faith in the waiting. Jesus used me being stranded with a flat tire to revive and strengthen my faith so that I would learn to be still and wait.

I’ll end with this thought: All throughout the Bible you see people having to wait on God. After fleeing Egypt, the Israelites had to wait to enter the Promised Land. David had to wait to be King even though he was anointed to be the next king of Israel when he was a boy. The disciples had to wait for the Father’s promise before going out and changing the world with the Good News about Jesus. Good can come from the wait. You have to be willing to wait and trust God even when it’s hard or doesn’t make sense. I had to learn that through a nail in my tire. God will sometimes use whatever means necessary to get our attention and teach us truth that’s vital to growing in our intimacy with Him! Learning to wait on God is vital to having true intimacy with God! 

So, with all that happened on the Florida turnpike, I’m thankful for my flat tire.

– Aaron

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